I purchased this Bkr Bottle (500ml “Little” Bkr, discontinued color “Crush”) in 2013, when the company first began producing bottles. Now that it’s been 4 years, I can truly say this bottle has stood the test of time, and I still use and admire it frequently.


Glass bottle. Glass doesn’t affect the flavor of the liquids inside, nor is there any risk of chemical leaching. Since it’s clear, it’s easy to tell when it needs a deep clean. Since it’s made of soda-lime glass, it’s also safe to put warm liquids inside the glass without fear of it breaking.
Silicone sleeve. The sturdy silicone sleeve effectively protects the glass bottle from breakage – I’ve dropped my bottle many times and have never had the glass shatter. The silicone is thick where it should be (bottom of bottle) and thin where it should be (top of bottle). The texture of the silicone is sublime – it’s soft and pliable, like skin, and a pleasure to handle and hold, providing just enough grip. The sheer “Crush” is a gorgeous coral, which looks so pretty when light shines through it. You can see water level through the sheer silicone & glass, which can help motivate you to drink up.
Easy to clean. If you only put water inside, a quick rinse should be enough to keep the bottle clean (and make sure to store with the cap off). I do put tea and infused water in my Bkr, so I need to deep clean more frequently to prevent mold growth. The whole unit is dishwasher safe, whether together or with the two parts separated. It’s easy to remove the silicone sleeve for deep cleaning, and all you need are vinegar, bleach, baking soda, and a brush/sponge (depending on deep cleaning needs).
– Design. The whole thing is very pretty to look at and easy to use. I love the narrow mouth, which makes it harder for me to spill on myself, and the angle of the cap makes it easy to tote. The 500ml is not too heavy, even filled with water. The cap only takes on 360-degree turn to come on and off. The gasket on the inside of the cap works well and the bottle is completely leakproof.
Quality control is fantastic with this brand (I’ve never met a Bkr bottle with any flaws in the glass, plastic, or silicone molding). Have no fear ordering online – you’ll receive a flawless product.
Replacement parts available. Bkr has a 90-day warranty, and even past that period it’s easy to replace parts if it breaks. Bkr sells the bottles, caps, and accessories on their website.

The plastic cap is the weakest linkIn my 4 years of ownership, I’ve broken the cap at least 2 times during epic falls. I can’t think of a way that they could have designed it differently to avoid this flaw, though, and replacing the cap is relatively inexpensive. I’m just impressed the glass didn’t shatter and the silicone was never compromised during these tumbles.

– Silicone is vulnerable to tears. It’s soft, which means – duh – it can be punctured. I managed to puncture mine, somehow, within a month of ownership. In the 4 years since, it hasn’t accumulated any additional tears, and the existing ones have not split or spread even though I have removed the sleeve many times. It kind of looks like a staple got to it. I’m going to chalk this one up to a freak accident.


You may not prefer the design. Since the shape of the bottle is a little chubbier (about 3″ max diameter) this bottle may not fit in some smaller car cup holders. Some people don’t like the narrow mouth opening, as they find it hard to clean or hard to drink out of. To be fair, the bottle is hard to fill without spilling. (I like to use a funnel.)

Made in China, Questionable Philanthropy. Even at the luxury price point, Bkr bottles are still manufactured in China. If you prefer not to purchase items made in China, this isn’t the bottle for you. While Bkr pays lip service to “social and environemental responsibility” in their website FAQ, we find no specifics there. Bkr claims to put a portion of proceeds to humanitarian initiatives, but is not clear about amount or % donated. For me, this isn’t a dealbreaker – I don’t always write off items made in China, so long as the build quality is exceptional, and I consider my philanthropic donations a separate budget line from my discretionary purchases. However, I do think it’s worth mentioning.


The Bkr Little is a sturdy, gorgeous little bottle that stands up to hard use and does its job well. If you’re looking for a glass water bottle, this is a fantastic option!